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Ricky Diaz

Managing Director

Ricky Diaz

Managing Director

With a proven track record spanning 15 years in corporate communications, public relations and politics, Ricky is trusted by companies navigating challenging scenarios and shifting stakeholder, regulatory and media landscapes. His expertise includes:

Crisis communications and preparedness

Ricky specializes in helping companies manage reputation risk and high-profile situations such as boycotts, cyber security and privacy incidents, geopolitical events, societal issues, misinformation campaigns and unexpected events. He is skilled at helping companies spot vulnerabilities and create playbooks and preparedness plans to guard against potential threats to their reputations.

Corporate and financial communications

Ricky develops tailored communications strategies that build trust between companies and their most important stakeholder audiences. His experience includes managing internal and external communications for leadership transitions, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, proxy fights and activism.

Litigation, investigations and regulatory matters

From Congressional investigations to shareholder lawsuits, Ricky develops communications strategies that support a company’s legal position while protecting its reputation. He partners with legal counsel to help companies prepare for important milestones and maximize opportunities to rebuild trust.

Public affairs, issues management and advocacy

Ricky has developed campaign-style programs to put companies in the driver’s seat, reset the debate, forge alliances and reach the decision makers who can influence positive outcomes. He applies a deep understanding of the political landscape with a strong grasp of the media environment to help clients anticipate and stay ahead of emerging issues.

Ricky joined Joele Frank from Vanguard, where he led the crisis communications and issues management function and served on the global communications leadership team. In this role, he also led the public rollout of Vanguard’s proxy voting choice initiative, a program to empower millions of retail investors to more directly participate in the proxy voting process. Ricky previously served as senior vice president at Edelman and was a senior communications aide for two governors in both government and political campaign roles. As vice president of a leading Washington, D.C. political consulting firm, he also produced winning advertising campaigns for hotly contested gubernatorial, congressional and senatorial campaigns across the country.

Ricky is a New Jersey native and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.A. in Economics and East Asian Studies.